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As we master the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, we are committed to meeting your needs as quickly as possible (maximum 10 weeks) without compromising on quality. Our “STANDARD” stock is regularly replenished in order to better meet your needs.

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Customised to fit you and your identity

From personalised objects to made-to-measure

From personalised objects to made-to-measure

Do you need to enhance your image, personalise professional closing or to create a unique clothing line? Dolmen Manufacture ® offers two possible solutions:

1/ You would like to customise your clothing: Choose your models, fabrics and colours and customisable articles from our selection of items in stock.

We will take care of everything else. You will receive your personalised clothes in 4 to 8 weeks.

2/ You would like to create a range of clothing and/or EPI (Individual Protective Items) to reflect your company’s image: The team at Dolmen Manufacture® will help you to design your branded clothing range to suit your image, your corporate identity and your strategy.

The modelling/prototype department will work hand in hand with you, our customers, while analysing your activity, choosing suitable materials and taking into account the constraints of industrial laundering services.

To find solutions to suit your needs, our team will work with you throughout the development and manufacturing of your clothes:

  • Detailed analysis of your needs according to your objectives, employees’ activities, budget and deadline constraints
  • Definition of detailed specifications tailored directly to wearers so that each person will benefit from clothing specifically designed to suit their profession, size and workplace.
  • Transmission of a comprehensive case file including the following elements: designs with descriptions of the clothing and all markings, size grids, scale, price, invoice, etc.
  • We also make image-specific clothing for clients of linen hire services, industrial laundries and hospitals. These clothes meet the high standards necessary for industrial cleaning and we guarantee the long-term quality of our products.

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